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Here is a brief description of our Credit Card products and services. Please contact 1-800-666-6737 for details.

Visa / Mastercard
Personal and Business Accounts

No Annual Fees

Apply for your Visa/Mastercard today by calling one of our customer service representatives to have an application mailed, emailed, or faxed to you.

Visa / Mastercard Courtesy Checks
Available at a fee of 3% of draft ($5.00 minimum charge) of the amount of the check. Call for current low rate.

Cash Advance
Available at all branches. (4% of amount of advance,$5.00 minimum charge)

Personal and Business Accounts
No Annual Fees
Convenience Check, $.45 per check.
Cash Advance 4% of amount of advance, $3.00 minimum charge.

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"We do the work…You get the credit!"

Traditionally, retailers have established and operated their own "in-house" credit departments. Their administrative personnel issued credit to customers and performed collection functions.

Typically, this operation focused on the automation of back office accounting and clerically related functions. Retailers purchased business equipment to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. In addition, retailers had to endure the soaring cost of funding and administering such a high-priced operation. From the checkout line to the bottom line, credit administration tends to reduce company profits.

Bank of Louisiana has been in the credit card business since 1960. Our long history of client service allows us to work with retailers to design, develop, and implement a customized Private Label Credit Card Program.

With constant changes and the fierce competition retailers face daily, every advantage counts. By combining the strengths of your retail business with the Bank of Louisiana, you will differentiate your store through a superior credit program to become a more formidable player in the retail industry.

For more information about Bank of Louisiana's Private Label Credit Card Program, please click here

Private Label Credit Cards

Surveys and studies show that Private Label Credit Card customers actually buy more merchandise, buy more often, make higher priced purchases, and show more loyalty to their store. A Private Label Credit Card Program from the Bank of Louisiana enhances your position among competitors and allows the merchant to focus on the marketing of his goods.

Whether you have existing receivables (accounts already on the books) or you wish to start a brand new Private Label Charge Card Program, the Bank of Louisiana provides you with a personalized credit, customer service, and collection department for your own accounts.


The Credit Managers at the Bank of Louisiana respond quickly to your requests and the needs of your customers. All credit information we obtain is confidential.

Customer Service

Call us toll-free whenever a member of your staff or a customer has any questions concerning account statements and current balances. You are assured of prompt and courteous assistance.


At Bank of Louisiana, we will work with you to handle all your accounts in the most professional manner possible.

Questions & Answers About Private Label Credit Cards

Thinking about a private label credit program?
Ask yourself these questions...

How can a private label credit program increase my sales?
A successful sales-building private label program begins with an innovative partner who can provide marketing expertise as well as state-of-the-art processing. BANK OF LOUISIANA will work with you to create a program specifically designed to enhance your sales. We will help you to develop card promotions to build new cardholder acquisitions, usage and activation, sales generation, and purchase frequency.

Why will private label cardholders make larger and more frequent purchases?
Bank of Louisiana's experience shows that when your customers have a credit line to use only in your store, they are more likely to shop in your store—and shop more often. This means repeat purchases and larger transactions. And we’ll help build a proprietary database of your private label cardholders so that you can efficiently and economically tailor marketing programs directly to your best customers.

How does a private label credit card program increase customer loyalty?
When your customers feel that they are part of a select group, they are more inclined to shop in your store. Being provided appropriate incentives and programs designed to make their shopping experience more rewarding, customers will leave your store satisfied and will become more loyal. BOL can design a variety of programs that deliver truly unique benefits to your customers.

What unique benefits can my private label card offer to my customers?
Working with you, we will build a package of benefits that is customized for your store, such as frequent shopper bonuses, holiday savings, and other usage stimulation programs. These programs provide incentives for your customers to shop frequently in your store by adding value to the shopping experience.

Why do I need a marketing partner?
The right marketing partner will help you grow your business. At Bank of Louisiana, we have enjoyed a successful private label track record for more than 30 years. Our expertise in program planning and implementation, as well as consultation in marketing, credit, finance, and overall retail operations, will demonstrate the value of choosing BOL as your private label marketing partner.


For more information on the Bank of Louisiana's Private Label Credit Card Program , please click here or phone our Private Label Credit Card department at 504-889-9400 for additional information.

Main office: 300 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
Operations Center: 3340 Severn Avenue, Metairie, Louisiana 70002

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